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HORAN is different. We provide all the strategic benefits planning and execution you expect, but we do it with an unmatched laser focus on outcomes and amplified agility powered by our need to always do more for our clients. 

Our fierce, independent advisors leverage data paired with insightful analysis to deliver practical recommendations to build your benefit strategies. We deliver innovation paired with specialized expertise to drive positive results for your organization and your employees. That combination is what makes us the best in the region and contributes to our standout client retention—40% of HORAN clients have been with us for 10 years or more.

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Premier Health Benefits Consulting

Move Faster

Moving Faster to Provide the Ultimate Agility
Our teams move quickly to evaluate the market to meet your needs and find solutions often overlooked. We are purposely staffed at twice the level of our competition to provide greater flexibility, focus and responsiveness. One of our 27 Fundamental Values is "Be a Fanatic about Response Time". While our standard response time is within 24 hours, we have built expectations for our employees to consider that a minimum standard and seek to exceed you can trust that your priorities are out priorities.

Dig Deeper

Digging Deeper to Deliver Customization
We advocate on your behalf with tenacity. We listen generously to understand your challenges, investigate the data and exhaust every solution to deliver a customized plan that fuels your you can offer the most dynamic cost-effective benefit package to recruit and retain your workforce.

Analyze More

Analyzing More to Provide Proof & Rationale
Everything we do starts and ends with data. Each decision made, from funding arrangements to vendor selection to engagement methods and everything in between, is determined based on analytics. Once a direction is taken our team measures the results of that decision to ensure you can have proof and rationale behind your overall strategy and measurements of success.

Build Stronger

Building Stronger Plans to Meet Your Goals
We treat your plan as if it were our own. Each benefit strategy we build comes with short-term goals and a long-term vision. As a result your strategy is tailored to fit your unique business goals and culture and is built to sustain even the most-challenging claims you can have peace of mind that your benefit partner is as invested in your business objectives as you are.

Solutions Driving a Better Benefits Blueprint

Our core practice areas integrate to design a total rewards package for your employees that achieves outcomes beyond the status quo. 

Specialized Expertise

Our experts work to cultivate new ideas, incubate the best of the best and implement revolutionary solutions for our clients so you can offer the most dynamic, cost-effective benefits package to achieve better health outcomes.

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