Improve Health Outcomes & Reduce Costs via Employer-Sponsored Health Centers

Insights | Improve Health Outcomes & Reduce Costs via Employer-Sponsored Health Centers

HORAN is laser-focused on improving the future of health care. The most innovative solution we've seen recently leverages real, independent primary care. Independent primary care will engage your employees and their families, decrease wasteful spending, improve the patient referral experience and reduce the cost of chronic conditions.

Independent primary care refers specifically to physicians who work independent of any one health system or hospital. Real, independent care—like the Marathon Health solution (previously known as OurHealth)—allows patients to receive high-quality care and unbiased advice for more complicated services. Independent primary care puts patients first by aligning economic incentives with health outcomes.

Why Primary Care Matters
Primary care visits save employers money. A good primary care physician (PCP) is the best defense for managing chronic conditions and is proven to reduce the cost of claims for employees and their spouses.

  • An annual PCP visit saves the plan $700 per employee
  • Spouses without an annual PCP visit cost a health plan $1,300
  • Unmanaged hypertension costs employers $17,000 per patient
  • PCP visits drive savings across cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, gastro and cancer claims
  • Diabetics with complications cost $8,000 more per year 

About Marathon Health
Marathon Health provides an unparalleled health care experience—so exceptional that once a patient engages in the model they will never want to go to another provider again. Imagine a health care provider that delivers a customer experience that beats Starbucks or Nordstrom. Seems impossible—right? Based on Net Promoter Score (NPS) evaluations, the Marathon Health experience exceeds that of America’s two favorite brands!

Patients Experience: 

  • More 1:1 Time with Their Doctor
  • 5 Minute Wait Times—Less Time Away from Work
  • Free or Low-Cost Prescriptions
  • Same-Day or Next Day Appointments
  • Proactive Chronic Condition Management

Marathon Health Employers Turn $1 into $2.75
We’ve seen it first-hand. Marathon Health is the simple solution for solving your health care frustrations and accomplishing your top goals as an employer.

“We have seen tremendous employee engagement and that really speaks to how Marathon Health treats their patients. Our employees walk out of their appointments realizing they had a quality experience with their primary care physician.”
-Employer Client of Marathon Health

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