What Your Campus Health Center Should Value And How To Motivate Healthy Outcomes

Insights | What Your Campus Health Center Should Value And How To Motivate Healthy Outcomes
Campus Health May 2021

Author: Karen Mueller, CBC, Executive Vice President & Partner, HORAN

Are your campus health center, student health insurance and other health services meeting the real needs of your students? Studies show that students care about sleep health, exercise, weight management and mental health among other common wellness issues. 

Despite naming these areas as important, student health insurance programs and other university health resources continue to fall short. For example, 47% of students surveyed said they could have used “some” or “a lot” more mental health support over the past year. Similarly, insights from HORAN’s data platform and proprietary HORANalytics® process show that individuals between the ages of 18-22 spend double on prescription medications compared to medical expenses, with anti-depressants leading the prescription category by a large margin. Is there a gap in the resources you are providing versus the coverage your students need? 

Gain Data
Before you answer, think about whether you know what your campus population wants and needs from your campus health care. National surveys and studies can give you target areas that may apply to your campus but you won’t know your students’ actual needs until you do your research.

Start by understanding the data you currently have available such as the top reasons your students visit your campus health clinic or the most common claims conditions on your student health insurance program. Also, look to engage students in your own surveys and other research methods to determine common health issues on campus.

Provide Tools
Once you understand your campus’ needs, look at adding tools to help students better access information and care. One of the most effective tools for gaining data and disseminating information is gamified learning. On the campuses HORAN serves, we’ve seen students gain knowledge and confidence in understanding topics like sleep health, depression and student health insurance options through gamified learning. 

Other key tools include over-the-counter kiosks, telehealth access and peer support groups. With these always accessible care options, students can gain immediate care, support and advice, all of which are critical to a successful health journey. 

Connect and Communicate Resources
Providing multiple options for care is important but students need to understand how to access them. Consider working with a consultant to help you coordinate your student health resources and establish centralized systems to meet student needs. With the help of a consultant like HORAN, you can gain simplified student health assistance with a dedicated team working with students to resolve claims and solve issues promptly. 

Once you have a centralized system, get the word out. Use multiple channels that your students also use. Text messages and app push notifications are some of the most effective. Your communication should include how students can access health care on campus, what’s covered by your student health insurance, how to sign up for insurance and where students can go to get immediate answers to their health concerns. 

Get the Outcomes You Want with HORAN Campus Health Solutions
At HORAN Campus Health Solutions, we have the expertise and access to the tools you need to gain critical health data, coordinate resources and communicate better with your campus. We work with you to find the best student health coverage and identify ways to increase enrollment. Our experienced consultants are poised to connect you with well-vetted resources. And our years of trusted partnership mean we can gain negotiated prices to make coverage affordable for your campus. 

Let us help you integrate data and align resources for better health literacy and an overall positive experience for your students, faculty and campus administration. Fill out a simple contact form or get in touch with Chris Mihin, Vice President and Managing Principal, HORAN Campus Health Solutions at ChrisM@horanassoc.com or 513.702.3707 to find out more.