President & Managing Principal


Cheryl Mueller, President and Managing Principal for the Columbus and Dayton regions, is focused on growth and connecting clients to powerful resources. She is committed to strategically ensuring our clients are supported with unmatched guidance and care for the journey towards prosperity and satisfaction. Involved in health care since 2001, and utilizing knowledge from various roles, Cheryl provides insight to the overall planning involved in delivering a well-designed benefits package. She frequently speaks on topics that promote employer/employee engagement to drive health care decisions. Cheryl has dedicated the last 15 years to continual study of the evolving health care landscape. Her work in different markets has created valuable insight for clients and positions HORAN for tremendous growth.

Areas of Expertise

Benefit Strategy Execution
Wellness Consulting
Cost Containment Strategies
Employee Engagement

Cheryl Mueller, CEBS, CBC

Favorite HORAN Fundamental
Do What's Best for the Client