HORANalytics Databyte®: Primary Care Matters

Insights | HORANalytics Databyte®: Primary Care Matters

At HORAN, our mission is to help employers provide a better quality of life for employees and their families. This mission drives our investment in the HORAN Financial Analyst think tank. The think tank is fueled by the team's ability to analyze claims data to guide clients and drive action. We call this

Primary care visits shape your health plan. The value of an annual primary care physician (PCP) visit is that pertinent information is gathered and updated, medications are reconciled, appropriate screenings are ordered and needed vaccines are administered. It provides an opportunity for individuals to increase the likelihood of proactively addressing chronic conditions and other health concerns. HORANalytics® found that when individuals do not receive an annual primary care visit, the average additional cost for employers is 11% more per member per year. In fact, data illustrates that although those with annual PCP compliance have a riskier demographic and chronic condition profile, regular PCP engagement helps their annual costs remain lower.

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