Vice President, Department Director, Registered Representative


Ryan Horan, Vice President, Department Director of Retirement Plan Consulting, works with the New Business Development team as well as with the Relationship Management team to ensure HORAN continues to perform at a standard of excellence from both a sales and service standpoint; meeting and exceeding the needs of both prospective and existing clients is an imperative part of the team’s continued success. Ryan enjoys the collaboration required to develop and implement great outcomes for clients. He believes that a well-run team can accomplish far more than the collective individuals that make it up. While it is a constant challenge to collaborate and improve upon one’s best work, it is the desire for excellence that makes every day interesting.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning


  • Graydon & HORAN Bridge Series - Presenter and Co-Founder
  • Cincinnati Arts Museum - Corporate Sponsorship Committee

J. Ryan Horan

Favorite HORAN Fundamental
Find a Way, Get Clear on Expectations, Be Relentless about Improvement