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Health care is essential today more than ever. Colleges and universities need bold innovation backed by data to help their students and campuses thrive. We integrate a total campus approach to student health insurance with comprehensive services to achieve superior physical, behavioral, mental and academic results for your students and employees.

Your institution will experience reduced administrative burden, better efficiency, lower costs and increased plan engagement.

We Champion Bold Innovations Backed by Data

Better Data, Decisions & Strategies

Create actionable strategies through data insights, aligning with your goals and objectives.

Fast Facts About HORAN Campus Health

HORAN has a unique approach to developing solutions focused on total campus health. 

Innovative Experiences & Health Literacy

Deliver positive experiences for students, faculty, administration and partners and increase health and health literacy through interactive multimedia and game-based learning.

Comprehensive Expertise & Services

We support you with HORAN's full power, including expert teams and network partners, across all forms of insurance, benefits, health management, compliance/risk and financial wellness. 

Guidance to Inform Action

We publish E-Guides and monthly blogs to provide you with guidance regarding industry updates and trends. 

Student Mental Health and Academic Performance:  What Administrations Can Do

83% of students said mental health difficulties affected their academic performance 1 day or more in the last 4 weeks.  Administrators and instructors can help students address their mental health needs and proactively support students by directing them to the available resources even before challenges arise.

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